What’s my starting point in building a site:  Content, Content, Content.  This means respecting and understanding the client’s content and its purpose and to build a site that matches the client’s vision for this content.   Other design considerations:


What images will portray the meaning and feel of a website. Are they high quality, royalty free?  Who will crop, style, and web prepare?   What is the proper placement and perspective in relation to the text?


Determine various type fonts, sizes, weights, and colors, and how they work together. Also, line-spacing, letter-spacing, and paragraph styling to enhance the overall readability of the site.

Calls to Actions

On each page, what do you want to convey to the reader and what would you like them to do next? It might be to purchase a product, sign-up for a newsletter, submit a contact form, information or document download, etc.

Responsive & Mobile Ready

How will the site look and interact with all the common browsers, tablets, and on mobile devices?  How will the images scale and have the highest resolution?


Header and Footer integration with clear and concise navigation and purpose. This includes copyright, terms & policies, and contact info.

Hosting and Internet Happiness

Availability of domain address, setup hosting service, DNS pointers, analytics, and ongoing site maintenance.

Let’s work together. If you have an existing web site, let me take a look and I’ll do an assessment. Need a new site? Let’s kick around some ideas. This is simple, let’s have a conversation and I can walk you through the process.